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A little progress today...

Today was the first day of my week for working on TDK.

I did a couple runs for materials, and did a bit of work:

Foam-filled coconut shells
The coconut shells are somewhat brittle and I'm worried about cracking, so today I filled them with expanding polyurethane foam sealant. It will both make them a little tougher and hold them together should any cracking occur.
Foam-filled coconut shells
Close-up of one shell turned right-side up
Once the foam finishes curing (tomorrow morning should be fine) I can use my electric carving knife and trim off the excess foam.
Close-up of one shell turned right-side up
Plunger cup!
Found today while shopping -- a black round plunger that's almost the right size (5.8 inches instead of 5.2 inches)
Plunger cup!

Tags: conventions, costume, doctor who, gallifrey one, project tdk, silliness, tiki dalek

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