Kevin Roche (kproche) wrote,
Kevin Roche

Working on Fiddly Bits

While I wait for the skirting to be delivered, I took a stab at preserving the paper parasols that will be used as accents in a couple of places. They're far too fragile in and of themselves, so I experimented by filling one with silicone sealant, and a second with a thin drizzle of Gorilla Glue (plus a spritz of water to trigger the foam/curing process). The silicone worked much better, so I proceeded with that.

Siliconed Paper Umbrellas
Here are 8 of those paper cocktail parasols that have been coated with silicon adhesive/sealant, resting in a muffin tin to cure
Siliconed Paper Umbrellas
Out of focus closeup of one of the coated parasols
Out of focus closeup of one of the coated parasols
Better focus closeup
The hope is that when I core out the center (removing the toothpick) so I can mount these on the eyestalk, the silicone will hold the shape
Better focus closeup
side view of cured parasol
side view of cured parasol
Top view of cured parasol
From the outside, they still look like ordinary paper. With the sealant inside, however, they are much less fragile and exhibit plenty of crumple/tear resistance
Top view of cured parasol

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