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Last weekend's progress on Project TDK

Work on the Tiki Dalek proceeds apace. I'm waiting for the grass skirting to be delivered (the raffia should arrive tomorrow).

Basic seat design
Basic seat design
I need to add more to the center. (this works, but I'm perched on the edge). Maybe just mounting an inexpensive bicycle seat to the shelf and lowering the assembly appropriately.
Wider view of seat
Wider view of seat
Because it bolts to 3 of the main struts, it actually lends lots of stability to the entire assembly.
I picked the best 56 out of a box of 250 polished half coconut shells
This was a woven wood salad bowl. I used my Dremel to cut away the flared lip.
More dome.
More dome.
I was going to cover this with thatch, but one person has already suggested I use it as is.

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