Kevin Roche (kproche) wrote,
Kevin Roche

YIPE! Goes to Baycon

Our first BayCon tale comes from our good friend Leo Schwab, who writes of his out of costume life as a man everyone accuses of being in costume. The awkwardness is reinforced by Joanne Pelaschier’s take on her first ever outing to the San Francisco Bay Area’s… um… BayConiest… convention?
Then, right on schedule, España gives the Masquerade system an atomic wedgie and steals its lunch money. Longtime reader and first-time contributor Deborah Bretschneider follows with the tale of “Eat the Guests”, BayCon’s first attempt at a zombiewalk… or zombie sit, as the case may be.
And, because we’re all a bunch of selfish bastards who can’t stop talking about ourselves for one instant, Mette puts us back on track with 10 questions for Cosplay goddess and BayCon regular Karisu.
YIPE! Volume 2, Issue 6, “We’ll Take It In A Little,” is now available for download at

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