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Costume-Con, day 0

bovil and I took a Midwest redeye last night so I could be coherent and eloquent as necessary at the ICG annual meeting on Fridy.

To our (pleasant) surprise, the hotel could check us in at 6 this morning and we achieved a) breakfast and b) post-flight nap on a reasonable timescale.

At 4, we visited the Great Lakes Distillery and came back with lovely potations for the benefit of the con suite around 6:30.

Then a mob of us went out for dirnks and dinner at the Safe House.

We returned to tempt assorted folks in the con suite with the distillates we'd brought back from GLD.

Now, it's time for me to wrap up and snooze so I can be coherent at the meeting in the morning.

Further bulletins as warranted.
Tags: conventions, costume, costume-con
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