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There's a new issue of YIPE!

Our April 2010 issue (number 2.4, if you're counting), "Steamer Trunk" is now available for free download from .

As usual, both a high-resolution full-spread and a lower-resolution single-page version are available, as are all our past issues.

This one is 48 pages of steamy goodness, including the return of writer Leigh Ann Hildebrand, original fiction by Jason Schachat, a new column by Mette Hedin, visits to Nova Albion Steampunk Exhibition and loads more.

As usual, we're always on the lookout for more content, so if you're interested in submitting words, photos or art, drop a note to editors (at)! (The deadline for submissions for issue 2.5 is May 1, according to the Yipe!calendar)
Tags: costumes, fanzines, yipe!

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