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Hurrah! The sewing is done!

I finished the undershirt (replacing the dicky I made for Gallifrey) for the able seaman's uniform tonight.

I'm pretty pleased with it, given that I had to draft the pattern from a photo of a frequently-laundered vintage garment.

And, for reference when you're looking at the photos, this is made from a woven cotton, *not* a knit...

Able Seaman's undershirt A white cotton (neckline edged with blue denim) version of the white wool "flannel" which would have been part of a 1912 seaman's uniform. All the seams are flat felled, and the edges have a rolled handkerchief hem
Able Seaman's undershirt
It's a shirt! I drafted this one from scratch, so I'm pretty happy with the fit
It's a shirt!
It's still a shirt!  
It's still a shirt!

Tags: able seaman, costume, costume-con, galliffrey, sailor suit, titanic

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