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Well, TWOTC (The Wedding Of The Century, as someone dubbed it) is only 20 days away!

  • The rings are ordered.

  • The paperwork is filed for the event permit

  • The invitations are... ACK!

How do you mail invitations when you only have email addresses for most of the guests? And for some of them, all you have is LJ identities?

You guessed it: We'll be doing an Evite. And sending out emails. And -- surprise! -- posting in my LJ.

If you're one of the friends who's been planning to join us on the beach at 2pm on Thursday, May 26, please respond with the address you'd like me to use in the Evite. I have turned on reply screening, so your email address won't be exposed here. Or you can email me at one of the email addresses you have for me.

If this all seems terribly informal, remember we are working very hard to keep this simple and avoid becoming Bridezillas.


PS My Godmother will be receiving a paper invitation ;-)
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