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More Artwork WIP for the WFC Hospitality decor

Under the cut is a work-in-progress (there are important bits still to go) of the artwork of the Lenore, the flagship vessel of Corvidian Aeroscaphe Adventures.

WIP: draft for the Raven class aeroscaphe liner
WIP: draft for the Raven class aeroscaphe liner
The Raven class is the largest of the Mason & Holland LTA aeroscaphe vessels designed for Corvidian Aeroscaphe Adventures, with several classes of stateroom and a ballroom on the lower observation level in the "crow's head" (recognizable by the large mullioned windows). This WIP sketch of the flagship vessel "Lenore"does not include the rigging nor the lift bodies.

Tags: artwork, corvidian aeroscaphe adventures, wfc

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