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Spamalot: Costumes: Coats of Arms

I've been diligently working on the coats of arms for the Knights of the Log Table.
ETA3:15pm -- added one more to the gallery.

Smash Product I (narrow bars) Smash Product I (narrow bars)
Smash Product II (wide bars) Smash Product II (wide bars)
infinity infinity
congruence congruence
pi pi
Tensor Product Tensor Product
Set of Natural Numbers Set of Natural Numbers
radical radical
psi (lower case) psi (lower case)
Phi (upper case) Phi (upper case)
Set of Real Numbers Set of Real Numbers
Aleph-null Aleph-null
approximately equal approximately equal
Existence Existence
Therefore Therefore
Universal quantification Universal quantification
Union Union
Intersection Intersection
contour integral contour integral
Empty Set
Empty Set

A couple more to do, then I can print them so they have time to cure before assembly tomorrow.
Tags: birthday, costume, knights of the log table, spamalot
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