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The latest in my personal (health) numbers games...

It being September, that means that not only did I have my monthly measurements with my personal trainer Josh, but it was time for the regular cholesterol check with my doctor.

The news was good.

First -- the news from my trainer. I've managed to hold my weight pretty much stable while getting the body fat down to 15.04%, according to the latest batch of measurements. This made us both very happy.

Second -- the news from my doctor: the most recent bloodwork showed
Total cholesterol: 130
LDL (bad) cholesterol: 66
HDL (good) cholesterol: 36 (that's stable; higher would be better but it's almost 100% genetics-dependent)
Triglycerides: 139

This numbers were so good (not only are they way below "healthy maximums," they've been dropping steadily check-up to check-up) that he wants me to try 3 months without taking any statins. I've been on the lowest possible dose of Lipitor for about 5 years now.

So, such good news on the health front coming into my 49th birthday is a pretty good gift. I just have to keep up the eating/exercise regimen.
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