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Costume Frenzy for Spamalot

We'll be making a pile of surcoats at my house on Sunday (Sept 13).

I need to print the symbols no later than Saturday so they can cure.

Here's the current list:
Me ([info]kproche): smash product
[info]ladycelia: congruency congruency symbol
[info]dprisoner: pi π
Jerry: our Lady of the Lake the Irrational Woman
[info]kevin_standlee: Tensor Product
[info]johno: Natural Number set symbol
[info]chriso: Infinity
[info]yotefoxwolf: Radical
[info]brittunculus: Psi (lower case)
Judith: Phi (upper case?)
[info]dsmoen: working on something of her own
[info]jorhett: Delta (Δ)Divergence
[info]shodoshan: Divergence Delta (Δ)
[info]glenn_glazerReal Number set symbol
Julie: Existence test
figmo : Aleph Null 0
kaysho Approximate equality
Mette and Brian: Unexpectedly, The Spanish Inquisition!

Still deciding (or doing something else...)
Joni and Garth
Yvette and Mark

Tags: costume, knights of the log table, spamalot
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