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Today's Labor would have challenged even Herakles: cleaning the Studio

Today I took on that most dreaded of tasks, cleaning up the Augean Stables sewing room part of our studio.

Much sorting, tossing, setting aside for auction, putting things away in the proper bins in the garage, and hauling of stuff to the storage locker ensued. The result: Floor!

The other half (the computer desk) remains to be tackled, but much of the tech bits need to be triaged by bovil.

The costume bookshelves The costume bookshelves
Observe the expanse of visible floor
Sewing table (folded). Sewing table (folded).
Those are two of our machines in the pink and green cases, and one of those comfy pneumatic IKEA mushroom stools in front of it. The thing that looks like a white rag is actually the somewhat wonky cover for our Embellisher
Closet door. Nothing in front of it! Closet door. Nothing in front of it!
Observe again: actual *floor*! Plus the closet doors are closed, and the only thing hanging on the studio door is empty hangers. It used to be about 18" deep with two interlocked stacks of costumes to be put away. They're now behind the closet doors.
The sewing tool shelves (and the backup graphic novel shelf) The sewing tool shelves (and the backup graphic novel shelf)
Bits and bobs, the thread rack, tool drawers, 3 sergers, another sewing machine, the steam generator and the Embellisher. Stags of roll goods in the corner next to the door. Behind the door is our collection of framed art with nowhere to hang. Oh -- and more floor!

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