Kevin Roche (kproche) wrote,
Kevin Roche

Ring Saga...

For those of you who don't know, Andy and I are tying the knot in a small ceremony on May 26.

And it has sunk in that we haven't found rings yet. (we have been looking off and on for a couple of years now, but we didn't have a deadline before)

We looked at the rings at Love and Pride, but the "male" rings are all a bit too precious, plus we hesitate to buy rings online when we can't touch/see/feel them anywhere in advance.
(We did rather like the looks of this Stainless and diamond ring and this pink gold band but, again, there is no storefront we can go to to touch/feel/try on)

Sooo.... do y'all have any suggestions?

(for those of you who are on the small guest list, yes, it looks like galtine1 did manage to reserve our beach of first choice for us! Paperwork in progress)
Tags: events, life
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