February 25th, 2012

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ThinBot Progress Update: Successful "Smoke Test"!

This is my last weekend to get ThinBot ready for BarBot next Friday.
Jobs to do: finish installing the lighting harness (requires some disassembly to do so), confirm the aquarium dosing pumps can do the job, and mount the pumps, power supplies and relay board.

I had purchased some OLS multicolor LED accent lighting to try replacing some problematic lights in the living room, they were inadequate to that but I discovered the packaged strips (1 foot long) slid handily into the grooves in the 80/20 extrusions I'm using as the frame for ThinBot. I bought a bigger set to give me a total of 10 1' long strips. Unfortunately, the connectors on the as-sold wiring harness do not slide into the grooves well, and I was going to have to create a fan-out in any case, so that was step one this weekend.

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I did a quick test of one of the pumps; they work well but seem to pump closer to 100ml/min than 60. I'll do a full calibration tomorrow, but the good news was that the pump had no problem lifting a water column over two feet in the air and self-primed properly! (hurrah!).

Having established that there was actual hope this could work, I proceeded with the remaining main assembly, and then turned it on and waited for smoke. None happened (again, hurrah!).

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And finally, a quick video of the lights running. What remains is putting in the rest of the pumping tubing, and testing the chiller/fountain circulation. That's tomorrow's job.

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