September 12th, 2011

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Best Buck in the Bay 2011: I touched a goat!

This weekend was the Bay Area Gay Rodeo; bovil and I organized a cabal (The League of Evil Geniuses rides again!) to sponsor 4 of the award buckles this year.

We were also *finally* persuadd to attempt the "easiest"* of the 3 camp events: Goat Dressing (we sponsored those buckles for 6 years); after the rodeo contestants have their round on Saturday, the audience is invited to try their hand at it. The object is to catch a goat, put a pair of underwear on it, and get back across the starting line before the goat kicks them off. In the the community contest, best time wins buckles on the spot for that team.

I'm sure A will post much optimized versions of these soon with his other rodeo photos, but I wanted to share with y'all. Thanks to Bryan for shooting while we were in the arena.

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*It sounds like the easiest because goats don't weigh as much as cattle. It actually has one of the highest injury rates in the rodeo because people are stupid about running across the arena. The contestant version (best time over two days) has one of the highest cash prizes all weekend because so many cowboys and cowgirls are willing to try it, as opposed to, say, bull riding.