July 22nd, 2011

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Only 4 Weeks until the Renovation Masquerade!

28 days and counting to this year's Worldcon Masquerade!

That's right, it's only four short weeks away!

If you are considering entering, I strongly recommend you take a few minutes and fill out the entry form at http://www.renovationsf.org/masquerade .
It only takes a few minutes and will give bovil and I a better idea in advance of what to prepare our crew for.

You can return at any time before Wednesday, August 17, to add or update your entry information. At that point, you'll need to come see us on-site at the masquerade desk in the lobby of the Reno-Sparks Convention Center.

If you are not considering entering, but will be attending, we can always use more volunteers in the green room (being ably run by Byron Connell), back/on-stage crew (impeccably organized by Chris O'Halloran) or as ushers in the house (being managed for us by Bill Keaton). Drop a note to masquerade@renovationsf.org and let us know how you would like to help.

Counting down the days now...

Kevin Roche
co-director, Renovation Masquerade