February 3rd, 2011

Jungleboy Transparent

There's a new issue of Yipe!

We take it all back!

YIPE! Volume 3, Issue 0, “Redacted,” is now available for download from http://www.yipezine.com .

This is our much-delayed second Annual Issue Xero, rescued from file-corruption oblivion.

Issue 3.1, the February issue, is well under way but we still have room for stuff from you! Drop a line to editors (at) yipezine.com if you have comments, photos, articles, artwork, poetry... etc etc etc to share...

PS This year, YIPE! has enough issues published to be eligible for nomination in the Best Fanzine category of the Hugo Awards. If you like our 'zine, please be kind enough to remember it when considering your nominations.
(And thanks to everyone who tried to do so last year, even though we weren't yet eligible!)