January 31st, 2011

Jungleboy Transparent

January 29-Jan 31: Shoulders, Mutants and Lamps (oh My!)

Saturday I started work on the patterns for the bamboo slat cladding for the shoulder section. I also decided to build a friend.

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Then Sunday, I set out to finish the shoulders. I got part way done, and did more work on my mutant.

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Finally, today (Monday, Jan 31) I had the opportunity to use the drill press in the shop at work, so I took my Forstner bits with me and cut the mounting bores in the acrylic salt and pepper shakers for the dome.

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So tomorrow: Take the rest of the rolled up bamboo shades to cut with the bandsaw in the hack shop at work (with permission from the shop manager, of course). I'm now just waiting for one final component to build the lift mechanism for the neck section.