January 22nd, 2011

Jungleboy Transparent

The never-ending search for weird costume materials

I'm looking for a set of these (or something very similar)

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(here's the merchandise page in the interest of marketing fairness: http://www.clearlyacrylic.com/fasapesh.html )

These are faceted acrylic salt and pepper shakers. Something slightly shorter would also be good.

For my use: needs to be faceted, needs to be transparent plastic, needs to be roughly cylindrical/truncated cone/beehive shaped.
Does not need to be a salt shaker or a sealed container. Does not need to be new as long as I can clean them out and they are transparent.

I'm looking for a local (Bay Area) source; I can happily order these but it'll be 6 bucks shipping for a 7 dollar item!