October 20th, 2009

Jungleboy Transparent

Help me o IntarWebz!

I'm trying to recall the name of a novel.

It begins with the narrator (a rather self-centered, clod-headed fellow who thinks he is clever) being washed ashore as the sole survivor of a shipwreck.

He then proceeds through a series of adventures, becoming a bit less self-centered and clod-headed along the way.

What is unique about the book is that everything on island is a reference to other literary works and myths -- Moby Dick, the island of Circe, etc, etc.

It's driving me nuts because it's a book I used to re-read just to find new literary allusions.

I'm sure some of y'all have read it. lferion -- I'm certain you have.

Any help?

ETA Thank you, collective Internet memory. It is indeed Silverlock
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