September 2nd, 2009

Jungleboy Transparent

Patterns of light: Photos and Sunburn

Last Sunday bovil and I went to the SF/SF "Steampunk Picnic at Rosicrucian Park" and had a lovely time.

I wore the "Egyptian Barrista" uniform (Tutbuck's Coffee) that I made from an Alison Kondo design for the CC24 Future Fashion Show.

The picnic was lovely, on a deeply shaded lawn.

We took a guided tour of the grounds (very nice) and then bovil wanted to shoot photos.

So I ended up posing in front of highly reflective (mostly white) concrete walls in the afternoon sun. Let's just say that the resulting sunburn was, well, interesting.

The photos on the other hand, are great, both of me and the other attendees.

You can see them in Andy's Flickr album at SF/SF Steampunk Picnic at Rosicrucian Park.

We did visit the museum itself (they were perfectly fine with us running around in costume) and it's nice to see some of the improvements in the labelling of their collection since I was last there with GBACG.