August 31st, 2009

Jungleboy Transparent

My eyes! My eyes!

Thanks to a remark about a shop spotted on vacation by rm, I found these:
(be prepared for brain damage)

Part of me wishes I could afford a complete set, just to see the expression on folks' faces when they saw the tree.

(This means I'd need to get a bigger tree, of course, than my little 2' fiber-optic one).

The other parts of me keep rolling their eyes and sneering "oh, pleeaase!"

(Plus, they're around 20 bucks apiece. That would be an expensive tree. Not to mention the grievous bodily harm bovil might be inclined to inflict should I actually *attempt* said acquisition.)

P.S. My birthday's in 2 weeks. I especially like Mr Martini (martini/shaker guy), and the Surfer Dude. Officer Pike and the Rum Runner (pirate) are pretty good, too.

PPS Apparently they also do them as refrigerator magnets.