August 19th, 2009

Jungleboy Transparent

Spamalot Update ... last chance

I will be calling Broadway San Jose after I eat lunch to order tickets

bovil, ladycelia and I 3
dprisoner and Jerry 2
brittunculus and Judith 2
johno, chriso and Julie 3
kayotae and kaysho 2
dsmoen 1
yotefoxwolf 1
trinsf and Leo 2
jorhett and Krys 2
figmo 1?
Total16 (17?)

That's a total of 17 tickets, 19 if figmo and Julie's husband both want to come. 16 tickets, 17 if figmo is coming.

I need an answer on those ASAP so I can buy tickets. I'm not buying them on spec; if you say you want me to buy a ticket, I'm expecting you to pay me for it whether you can attend or not (not to suggest that any of you are deadbeats; I just want to be clear about the "maybe" tickets)