August 18th, 2009

Jungleboy Transparent

Group Tickets for Spamalot Opening Night, September 15th

OK, I got a call today from Broadway San Jose!

We can get Orchestra A tickets for $74 apiece (that includes all the fees. There might still be tax).

More important, said seats would be a "nice grouping in Row 10" according to the charming Ms D. at BSJ. (These are NOT seats available to the general public!)

She's actually willing to hold them for us until tomorrow while I find out if there are 10 of us.

So, please sound off again (or now) if this works for you.

The show is at 7:30pm, September 15th, at the Center for the Performing Arts in San Jose.

PS I have credit to bankroll this if we get enough people but you'll need to pay me back *quickly* so I don't pay 28% interest on it. Got that?

ETA: PPS Obviously, we're starting with two (bovil and me) in our quest for 10.