June 19th, 2008

Jungleboy Transparent

Getting ready to head to the Clerk Recorder's office

The marriage license application form is filled out and printed.

We had to do a last-minute set of calls to our parents this morning because the application requires our parents' full birth names and state of birth.

I'm waiting for Andy to wrap up the call with his dad so we can get out the door; I don't want to get stuck in the pre-lunch rush at the county clerk's office.

Cross your fingers that we can find parking.

PS. This is just to get the license. Magic words to be said over us next week
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Jungleboy Transparent

Mission accomplished...

We now have our marriage license safely stowed away until the magic words are said on Monday.

We remembered change for the meters, so parking was not a problem, and there were only 3 couples in line when we got there (with 3 windows) so we were all finished and out before 11am.

One amusing note is the health pamphlet they are required to give to all couples (which they started doing when they stopped requiring blood tests for marriage licenses).

Over half the pamphlet is dedicated to pregnancy health issues.

I'm not complaining; healthy babies and moms are important. I'm just amused.

The clerk mentioned that she *loved* the fact that her signature was on all the licenses she'd done; she'd been waiting a long time to be able to issue such licenses.
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