April 30th, 2008

Jungleboy Transparent

Post Costume-Con 26: Alive. At home. We did it!

I'm very proud of all the people who worked so very hard to make my vision for CC26 a reality.

876* people came to play, and I think most of them left happy. That makes us the second largest Costume-Con in its 26-year history.

We weren't perfect, we made some mistakes, but I think we also learned from them. All the planning in the world will not eliminate the need for a giant dollop of "wing-it" at an event like this, and I appreciate the attendees' patience and forbearance when those glitches turned up.

The hotel liked us. A lot. They also took copious notes yesterday when we passed on folks' complaints.

I'll write a longer post later when I have a working brain. The daily 'zine and competition participants and awards will be posted soon; I have the data right here but don't want to risk mangling it in a post right now.

Thanks for coming out to play with us.


*Pending final audit. The members have gone home, but we still have to do our final accounting and pay the bills.