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Adventures of an Urban Jungleboy
formerly Emperor Kevin's Maunderings
April 10th, 2008 
01:42 pm - In the news...
Jungleboy Transparent
Our group has two papers being published in Science Magazine tomorrow, so today is press release day...

Including this video:

The animated section in the middle, demonstrating how racetrack works is my work, and that part of the script, too.
Jungleboy Transparent
Last August the BBC visited and shot lots of video in my lab.

They've chosen to use a chunk of it to go along with today's press release!


Note that while the video caption mentions me, the article is about the two papers by my group published in Science magazine today. They cut out all the parts where I talk about Dr. Parkin (the brilliant head of our team) and the rest of the group, and focussed on the shiny machinery.
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