November 22nd, 2007

Jungleboy Transparent

Here we are at the LAX Marriott, waitin' for our Loscon...

bovil and I made the long drive down last night, leaving San Jose about 8.

On the advice of lisa_marli, we finally tried the 25-156-152 route to Pacheco Pass, so as to avoid the idiots-stop at the 152-156 junction (where, as it turns out, CHP had someone directing traffic). It's definitely a better route in general, and we got to Casa de Fruta for dinner before 9.

I drove us as far as the second rest stop on I-5, and Andy took over and drove the rest of the way. We got here about 3:30am and slept in this morning. Lunch in the cafe, and then we helped hang some art show panels and provided a touch of Evil Genius mood lighting (from our decorating supplies ) for the consuite, since the room had the candelabra sconces on the wall and we had 3 full strings of candle flicker bulbs in our kit.

I'm about to go get in a workout, bovil is hanging out making himself useful, and plans for this evening include building the CC26 fashion show reservation tables, sending out a couple of CC26 broadcast notices and fashion show announcements, and then the big orphan's Thanksgiving dinner here for the early arrivals at the hotel.

Evil Genius Hall of Fame party Saturday night!