September 17th, 2007

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Pre Rodeo Review Review

Still recovering-but I wanted to post a link to some really beautiful art.

One of the vendors at the Rodeo this weekend was Jacque Harper, who does amazing hand-pulled woodcut prints.

I fell in love with one immediately, and after a bit of dithering over budget, on Sunday bought print 38/125 of Moonlight Companions II.

It's one of 3 designs she did of spooning couples; MC II is two men sleeping spooned together in the moonlight.

Jacque and her partner do lots of shows in California while it's cold in Massachusetts; if you get a chance to see her work I recommend it highly.

Her site is about to be redone, but you can find links to other pieces via this page on the New Moon Studio site. Be SURE to check out the "Double-take Bay" series!
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