September 12th, 2007

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GSGRA-BAC Rodeo this weekend -- who's going?

bovil and I will be going to the Golden State Gay Rodeo Association - Bay Area Chapter "Best Buck in the Bay" Gay Rodeo and Festival (how's *that* for a mouthful? this weekend.

We'll be checking into the Jack Tar Cathedral Hill Hotel on Friday in time to attend the Sponsor's reception (we sponsor the prize buckles for Goat Dressing )

Anybody out there going, too?

(And yes, I will be packing the infamous Half-Naked Cowboy Hawaiian Shirt)
Jungleboy Transparent

To all my friends fussing about their lack of artistic (drawing) talent:

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If you have an idea for the Costume-Con 26 Future Fashion Folio, sketch it out! DO NOT worry that you are not a brilliant fashion artist.

The jury for the Folio is NOT judging artistic talent -- they are looking at the design concepts.

We have had crayon drawings from a 4-year-old published, and one of those designs was made and modelled in the fashion show.

SO -- scribble, daub, sketch, doodle, twist string into the right shape and photocopy it, but get your design idea onto paper (or into a file) and submit it!

You won't be sorry!

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