June 27th, 2007

Jungleboy Transparent

WesterCon 60 is this weekend! What are *you* doing in the Masquerade?

The West Coast Science Fantasy Conference (aka WesterCon 60, aka "Gnomeward Bound,") is being held this weekend (June 30-July 3) at the San Mateo Marriott here in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Sunday night (because the convention actually starts on Saturday, so Sunday is the second night) Andy Trembley (bovil) and I are directing the Masquerade competition. We're using the same process we've used at Anime Los Angeles and Baycon, which means:

  • Things start on time,

  • End on time, and

  • Everybody has a good time.

(Using rules based, of course, on the ICG Fairness in Competition guidelines.)

We have great panels of judges for both on-stage (presentation) and the optional up-close (workmanship) judging, with a healthy mix of veteran judges and fresh faces.
We have lights and sound.
We have a erudite and entertaining Master of Ceremonies.
We have space for an audience.
We have an amazing live-action half-time presentation to keep the audience enthralled while the judges deliberate.

What's missing? You! A masquerade is just an empty stage without the costumers.

If you are attending Westercon 60, are you planning to enter the Masquerade?
If you are attending but not entering, would you like to help?

In either case, come visit the Masquerade desk (Saturday 12-6, Sunday 9-12:45) and we'll sign you up!


P.S. If you'd care to drop a note to chair (at ) cc26.info expressing your intentions, it will help me plan how many munchies I need to have for contestants, etc.!)

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