February 4th, 2007

Jungleboy Transparent

Yet another fiendish costume plot... that you can join in on

As bovil mentioned in this post, after going to the St. George Spirits open house, we decided to make St George Spirits Special Forces uniforms.

(We're doing this with the full knowledge of the SGS owner and staff, btw).

Ultimately, we're going to want to create embroidered insignia (Semper Imbibo!) but we can start by using our ol' friend inkjet iron-on fabric.

So, here's the list of components:

We're working on the branch of service patches as well. We're going to go with the patches-on-velcro trick that the real military are using now, rather than ironing them directly onto the shirt like we did for the LiveJournal Commandos, so when/if we get embroidered patches they'll be easy to swap in. They also look better, because even with a printed badge, you can satin stitch around the edge onto the hook patch which gives them a bit of texture.

Who wants to join the silliness?