August 17th, 2006

Jungleboy Transparent

Well, Crap!

The order of Costume-Con 26 merchandise which includes the prizes I'm donating to Match Game SF at WorldCon was delayed.
Estimated delivery date: August 21.
Two friggin' days after we've left for Anaheim.

Anyone out there driving to LA from the SF Bay Area Monday night or Tuesday Morning who could swing by and collect it from the porch en route?

ETA: Hurrah for lobolance, who says he can collect the box before he heads south! We are saved! Hallelujah!
Jungleboy Transparent


Just got a shiny new Razor kick-scooter. On sale at Target for $24.

I need it for LA Con. *Why* I need it for LA Con I can't tell you; just trust that I do.

The cool part was the shelf and the website both said it was thirty bucks, but it rang up for $24.
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