June 4th, 2006

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OMG OMG OMG... In which the Urban JungleBoy gets his fifteen minutes of fame... for real-life

This morning's (Sunday) San-Jose Mercury News Business section.

Front page.
Above the fold.
Entirely filled with (a very flattering) portrait of me and my vacuum deposition system from Wednesday's 20th Anniversary of the Almaden Research Center Event

Pardon me while I go squee! some more.

The online version of the article is here : Pure Imagination: Almaden Research Center celebrates two decades of whim, wonder
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Here we go again...

Starting on the Conzilla costume project:

I have as raw materials

  • One (1) White hard hat in my size

  • Cans of 3 different formulation 3M Scotch brand spray adhesives

  • A 4x22x36 inch cushion foam slab

  • A brand new Oster electric carving knife

  • Two (2) rolls of holographic lizard-skin spandex, one teal and one black

  • Two silicone-rubber footballs (fluorescent yellow and fluorescent pink)

  • Two glow-in-the-dark eyeball superballs

  • A brand-new pack of Microtex sharp machine needles

  • (on order) a full-size sheet of Wonderflex

The goal (before leaving for the Moulin Rouge party this afternoon) is to end up with a reasonable costume facscimile of a carnosaur skull built on the hardhat. The WonderFlex will become the lower jaw, but I have to carve the big part first.

Thanks in advance to furtech for the little design confab we did at Costume-Con 24!
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So much for that plan...

Remember the plans to start building a carnosaur head?

Well, I've also been working on bring the online registration system up for Costume-Con 26.

Along the way I broke it.

The ENTIRE website.

We finally found the pesky misplaced double-for-single-quotes culprits (and an equally pesky change in the way PHP handles mixed form variables), but I was, as you might imagine, rather focussed on bringing it back online.

You can preview the form at www.cc26.info/interactive/registration_form.php
But it won't actually take you past the second step at this point. I still have to activate the recording and payment gateways, so IT DOESN'T ACTUALLY WORK yet.

But the rest of the website does.