May 20th, 2006

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Fashion Show Update: Coffee Cup Lids!

I took a little time to work with the images that jadecat9 pointed me to and am very pleased with the resultant Canopic Jar Coffee Cup Lids.

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I also drew a clean copy of the "Tutbucks" cartouche logo so I can use it to lay out the real decoration on the cartouche. I'll admit to being tempted to print part of it out as an iron-on transfer, since most food-service places will not shell out bucks to bead employee uniforms. :-)

PS If you'd like to make your own set of lids, I turned my projections into a PDF file available at I just ask that you refrain from using them until after CC24, and that you give credit where credit is due!
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Fashion Show update: Especially for galtine1

A preview of how the Tutbucks Canopic Coffee Cups will look:
(it turned out I had made a lid for the short/small cup, so I had to re-do the lid design for a tall cup. Thanks to the local Starbucks for giving me sample cups!)

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OK, now here's the challenge... What do you think are the Tutbucks names for the sizes?
Tall = ??
Grande = ??
Venti = ??

maybe Architect, Pharoah, Nile X-)