May 7th, 2006

Jungleboy Transparent

Found: one workable studio space

Yesterday and today, I just kept slogging away at the remainder of the disaster that used to be our office/studio.

Today I made it all the way down to carpet.

That's all the way... as in pull out the vacuum and vacuum all the carpets.
(For those of you who've seen the studio, that included moving all the art and rolled fabric from behind the door and vacuuming there).

I chucked piles of useless paper, sorted convention, Court and Leather memorabilia into boxes (with lots of help from bovil today, who found the other 3 bins of memorabilia and resorted into better order) and organized lots and lots of clutter.

It's not perfect (the desk still has lots of miscellaneous paper on it), but it definitely qualifies as clean, and it's certainly ready to use.

Future Fashion show (and Conzilla, and ACLC contest, and LA Con IV) here I come!