April 30th, 2006

Jungleboy Transparent


well, ok, not that huge, but the box is really big.

One of the voice auction items at the DeFrank Gala was a ViewSonic N3760w NextVision 37" LCD TV Display. Which is exactly the right size to fit into the big space in my fancy-schmancy Italian-design-knockoff etagere aka entertainment center.

I was high bidder, for $1800. More than we'd have paid if we kept watching sales, but it's the right size and the money went to the DeFrank, so it wasn't too painful.
I'd have got it for less but Lenny Broberg shamed the second-highest bidder into one final bid.

Andy's off buying all the right cables, and I'm about to dive into the studio to finish cleaning it. Then we can watch Dr. Who in HDTV!
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