April 5th, 2006

Jungleboy Transparent

Arrrgghhh.... Anyone need an Ipod case?

Andy just bought a new 60G iPod video.

And immediately started researching cases.

Including better cases for my 60G iPod photo... and found one I liked:

The iSkin eVo2...

So I ordered one.

And then, 5 minutes later, realized the form had misbehaved and I had ordered one for the 30G iPod.

Which won't fit my 60G iPod (or the 40G) because it's thicker.

So... anyone out there interested in an eVo2 "Rebel" WildSides case. At cost? I'm trying to avoid paying for shipping the wrong one back.

ETA: fixed which case fits which size. The Size A fits them up to 30G, the Size B fits 40 and 60.
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