March 29th, 2006

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Go To Work Commando Day

made you look!

Yup. That's right.

The evil invisible underwear-absconding ape raided my gym bag while I wasn't looking this morning.


Either that, or I had a brainfart while packing it last night. Nope. That could *never* happen. ;-)

On the other hand, this morning was Measurement Day with my trainer, an every-three-weeks ritual that I started dreading after the mysterious 4th Quarter body-fat spike last year.*

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So, marquesate, today I am emulating your camo-man ;-)
And being very wary of the zipper in my slacks.

*(We figured that one out. BASFA meets at the Hick'ry Pit on Monday. Monday is Free Pie Day. You do the math. I switched to half-sandwiches, soup, and a couple bites of Andy's pie).
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True Romance

My husband did one of the most romantic things possible last night.

Tuesday's we often have Quizno's sandwiches for dinner, and bovil often does the run over to the local franchise to pick them up.

This morning, I got into the car at omg-in-the-morning to drive to the gym and discovered he'd also taken a detour to fill the tank with gas for me.

I love my husband a lot.
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