March 14th, 2006

Jungleboy Transparent

Sneak Preview of things to come in the Costume-Con archives

I've created galleries for Costume-Con 1 and Costume-Con 2.

Only the Convention details and show basics (MCs and Judges) have been entered into the database at this point;
the photos are there for the different shows but none of that data entry is done yet.

I hope this is a tantalizingly appealing preview for those of you considering helping with data entry!

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Jungleboy Transparent

Costume-Con Gallery Project update

I've migrated and populated galleries up through CC12 now.

(CC12 only has placeholders for images at this point).

Halfway to the point where I can turn the happy volunteers loose on the photo data entry!

ETA: I should note that the only reason I've been able to migrate these so quickly is because of the stellar work aramintamd did in laying out the original galleries by hand. Gallery2 lets me reference those image files rather than requiring I download/reload/copy them into new locations.