January 2nd, 2006

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Firemen! (warning... rather stream of consciousness-y with chunks of vanity.. but FIREMEN!)

Got up at 6:30 (meh!) for my regular 7:30 workout. Which I didn't really want to do when the alarm went off, since I have today off from work, but it's good warmup for going back to the lab tomorrow. And Josh (my trainer) is still kicking my butt. Actually, he's making me work harder than ever because we discovered my bodyfat percentage started climbing rather unexpectedly over the last month*.

Afterwards, since I didn't have to rush to work (see, I really *am* a scientist, here's my page), I walked across the parking lot in the rain to the local Starbucks for a tall double nonfat cappucino.

And in Starbucks I found firemen! 4 firefighters from the nearby station were there getting a morning caffeine fix (their truck was parked just outside). Nothing like a couple braces (one by the door, one getting coffee) of handsome, happy firemen in the morning to put a smile on one's face.

Back at home; bovil is still snoozing and my to-do list of web updates for smOdyssey are all done. Yay! Maybe we'll go see King Kong today with lobolance if he has the day off. Or maybe I'll just finish my cappucino and go crawl back into bed with bovil.

Happy New Year!

*Sigh. That means higher heart rates during training, watching my portion sizes and avoiding fried foods. Middle age bites. But it's definitely better than the alternative, and if that simple approach works I won't have to keep a food diary. Ech. Food Diary Bad.

And there's definitely hope. Both parties we went to this weekend had lots of food that just weren't on the "smart eating plan for Kevin". So I didn't eat them. And, voila, one of those pesky extra 3 pounds is gone(that's *after* rehydrating)
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Jungleboy Transparent


bovil and I saw King Kong this afternoon with lobolance.

It rocked. I even made it through the giant bug scene (fortunately, there were no giant cockroaches. ech. Thanks to ladycelia for the warning. For the rest of the world her advice for the bug-phobic is to either a) use it to take a bathroom break or b) "cover your eyes until the crunching noises stop")

It was long, but very enjoyable. And Kong's martial artistry against the dinosaurs was as much fun as johnnyeponymous said it was. Kong Fu, indeed!
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