December 12th, 2005

Jungleboy Transparent

Stupid Hair Tricks continued (with a shout out to kaysho)

So you can't exactly call my hairstyle a "high and tight" anymore.

In preparation for the Stupid Hair Tricks planned for Further Confusion and Anime Los Angeles, I have to let the top grow out long enough to bleach and dye.

The back and sides, on the other hand, I'm keeping shaved. So Belinda just faded the sides and cleaned up the top. I'll be sporting a progressively taller flattop as we approach the B&D day (that's bleach and dye, just so my kinky friends don't get all confused).

So what do we call this haircut? Suggestions are welcome :-)

kaysho, are you still interested in crazy hair for FC? Belinda is willing to make an appointment with you for when you get into town.