December 11th, 2005

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Overheard at Starbuck's this afternoon

This really happened.

bovil and I were at a neighborhood Starbucks at 4. Shift change.

In came two uniformed policemen. No surprise there... then I overheard their conversation.

"Mine's 29 inches..."

Yes, you've heard it here first, folks. Police officers really do compare the size of their nightsticks in public.
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Is this thing on?

Saturday night we were supposed to have a little show at Dar's Hideaway. Dar, aka Darlene, was Empress XV of the IRLM, which makes this her "double decade" year. The IRLM is planning to do a show to honor her and the other anniversary monarchs this year; thanks to the holidays this particular event got scaled down to something more intimate.

bovil and I got there about 8, set up the sound system, cued up a mix of holiday, swing and lounge tunes. and waited for the audience and entertainers to arrive.

By 10PM we had 3 of Dar's regular patrons, 3 of the I Love It! girls (who looked great), and that was it.

We opted for playing good music, I sang a few songs and we packed up at midnight.

Fun and friendly it was. A fundraiser it was not.

Up and coming on the IRLM calendar: Crown Ball January 7 (I'm one of the emcees).
Second week in January (most likely) I'll be hosting another Wine & Cheese for Charity social at Vin Santo.

ETAWe did find out what happened to some of the missing folks. Jo-An (of the I Love It! Girls and Costumes had her car vandalized and had to deal with that. Regent Empress Athena had major ride problems. So we'll try this again I'm sure, with better results.