November 23rd, 2005

Jungleboy Transparent

Stupid Hair tricks part deux

Houston, we have lift-off.

Belinda, who does her best to keep me looking sharp, is looking forward to a chance to try "Art Hair".

Dec 23 will be my last trim to my current high and tight.

Jan 6 she'll trim the sides so I won't suffer from "mushroom head" (since the back and sides are shaved, when the remainder grow out it developes a very sharp demarcation at the shave-line. Hence mushroom head) as the top grows out.

Jan 17 I go in for the lift (all the way to platinum). If my scalp doesn't seem unhappy, she'll do the stripes then, too.

otherwise Jan 19 is stripey time.

kaysho, Belinda says she's willing to try and work with you, too, if you want to try a permanent color she's willing to help. If you can send me a photo so she knows her starting point she can offer advice in advance (though she says playing with the Spiker Colorz yourself is a really good idea so you can see what you might like).

Anyone else want to join in? We could have a whole herdpack of animal-fur-haired FC attendees! :-)