November 16th, 2005

Jungleboy Transparent

How about some good ol' Greek godliness?

November 5 I did a fantasy production (with a little help from friends Lance and Jon) for the SCCLA 2005 weekend show, themed Leatherworld.

The producer told me it couldn't be goofy, it had to be "hot, male and sexy". Yipes. I've learned over time that pretending to do a scene on stage just makes me feel like a goober, so I often do go for comedy (or a song parody) rather than eroticism when asked to stage a fantasy production. Infamous among said comedies is the infomercial for the "BoinkCo Pocket Torturer... All your dungeon needs in one compact package!"
But, nope, no go, I had to come up with a "serious" fantasy.

Yeah, right, serious.
I went for artistic with a touch of whimsy. That was as close as I could get. Except, this time, I wasn't going to be the one dancing across the stage in silver draperies (I seem to get typecast into that role when helping other people with THEIR fantasy productions. Mostly because I *can* dance across a stage in silver draperies without tripping over my own feet, I suspect :-) )

I'd done the logo for the weekend (an embossed leather globe superimposed on the club logo), and kept coming back to that globe.

The result was "Atlas Spanked", an allegory wherein Hermes torments Atlas until he can tolerate it no longer, exacts vengeance upon Hermes, and then is punished by Zeus for abandoning his duties.

Sounds pretty dramatic, right?
yeah. Right.
Well the crowd liked it (they laughed in the right places, roared in the right places, and were intently silent in the right places).

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Of course, audience members all told me they liked it with the same answer: "It was Cute".
Feh. "Cute". Better than "Goofy".

When pressed, they would also say that yes, it was also "hot, and male, and sexy". But it was still "Cute".

I'll have to live with that, I suppose.