September 13th, 2005

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SCCLA goes to the Movies -- THIS Wednesday night, Sept 14

I'm reviving an old tradition of the Santa Clara County Leather Association: Movie Night!
We're going to kick it off with a group trip to the drive-in...

The vote on what to see was close, but we'll be gathering at the Capitol Drive-In for the 8:00PM showing of "Brothers Grimm"

Wednesday, September 14th
Capitol Drive-In
3630 Hillcap Ave., San Jose, CA 95136

The drive-in opens at 7. The game plan as it stands is to arrive early, set up our comfy chairs and car stereos, and enjoy a bad movie together.

Wear your SCCLA colors if you have 'em!

(It's cool enough in the evening now that leather jackets won't be inappropriate; a warm throw to wrap around you if you are sitting outside is a good plan, too.) Last time we brought some snacks and things, but plan on buying *something* from the snack bar so the drive-in management doesn't get snarky.

I will be double checking to confirm the showtime again tomorrow. If the schedule changes dramatically, we can always fall back on a film at the Capitol Century 16 Theaters next door.