September 2nd, 2005

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More SG-69 siliness.

I emailed (from whom I bought the SG-X patches) to see if they do custom patches.

So we could order SG-69 patches if we wanted to.

And if we wanted 100 of them ;-)

Oh, well.

SG-X will have to do.

shiny! shiny! shiny! I've got 7 plasma discs, an Abyss Jr on the way, and the design sketches are almost done!
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Repost This

Repent America issued a press release Wednesday. In it, they implied that Hurricane Katrina was a judgement from God on New Orleans, particularly on Southern Decadence, New Orleans' annual queer end-of-summer bash.

Eh, they're just some tiny fringe group, right?

Well, Agape Press, the American Family Association's news service (and nobody can claim that the AFA isn't right in the heart of Christian activism) posted an article misleadingly titled New Orleans Residents: God's Mercy Evident in Katrina's Wake. They don't just imply.

The pastor explains that for years he has warned people that unless Christians in New Orleans took a strong stand against such things as local abortion clinics, the yearly Mardi Gras celebrations, and the annual event known as "Southern Decadence" -- an annual six-day "gay pride" event scheduled to be hosted by the city this week -- God's judgment would be felt.

“New Orleans now is abortion free. New Orleans now is Mardi Gras free. New Orleans now is free of Southern Decadence and the sodomites, the witchcraft workers, false religion -- it's free of all of those things now," Shanks says. "God simply, I believe, in His mercy purged all of that stuff out of there -- and now we're going to start over again."

Last I checked, this isn't what Christianity is about. I thought Christianity wasn't about exploiting human suffering.

Show me that it's not. Take a stand.

Repost this. Don't just link it, copy it and repost it. Ask your friends to repost this. Find out where they really stand when they don't.

ETA: note that I reposted this based on the post in bovil's LJ. Don't want to take credit for writing this, just for passing it on

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I'm so glad I'm no longer on the Imperial Travel Whirlwind

The calendar as it stands:

Sept 3: Drop of bovil's slash-5 at California BMW, stop at Stevens Creek Surplus to get BDU jackets and other bits for Project SG-69, wine-tasting at Bonny Doonand finally
Not-so-quiet bbq with friends up in the hills.
Sept 4: Come back from bbq.
Work on SG-69? (materials shopping!)
Mildly raucous dinner including bad movies and Ready! Steady! Show! at didjiman's
Sept 5: Work on Stargate 69 project big-ticket item

Sept 10-11: Alameda Imperial Coronation (singing an Anthem)

Sept 15: kproche's 45th BD

Sept 16-18: Bay Area Rodeo (CC26 is sponsoring the Goat Dressing buckles)

Sept 24: SF Ducal Ball
Sept 25: Folsom Street Fair

Sept 30-Oct 2: StarGayte:GGG (Golden Gate Guards annual "run")

Oct 7-9: Silicon

Oct 14-16: vintacon (wine-tasting weekend "relaxacon" in Livermore area)

Good thing I'm not Emperor, or I'd really have to travel a lot, eh?
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