August 31st, 2005

Jungleboy Transparent

Project: SG-Sixty-Nine

OK, here's the scoop:

Andy and I are going to the Golden Gate Guards STARGAYTE - GGG (their annual "run" this year).

I won a free registration when we were at Leather-Levi Weekend.

They are having a campsite decorating competition, and Warren (the pres' of GGG) and a couple other Guards have informed us that they expect something spectacular from us.

So, I'm thinking -- 7 of the miniature 6" plasma disks and 6 or 7 arcs of foamcore, a little clever magic marker work, and maybe a rope light or two, and Voila! instant Stargate for the entrance to our tent/campsite.

(Yes, I know the encoding locks on a canonical stargate are not plasma disks, but lightup chevrons, but I think this will make it really over the top.) The organizers have confirmed that there is power available in the tent-cabins.

I've also bought a full set of patches for SG-X team uniforms (we just need new BDU tops, which are easy to get). SG-X, if you don't recall, were the fake Stargate trainees who were actually Go'a'uld minions. I'd have ordered SG-69, but there is no canonical team 69, and SG-X is close enough for the joke.

bovil thinks a) the plasma disks are overkill and b) too expensive, so we should just get taplights for the chevrons. I want to have a bunch of the lumin disks for our Evil Genius parties, so think I want to buy 'em anyway. And if I buy that many, I will actually get a discount on them from Spencer.

What do you all think?

Kevin, lapsing into Evil Genius Science Fiction Decorator Mode...