January 1st, 2005

Jungleboy Transparent

Argh... Don't you just love TPC?

(That's a The President's Analyst reference, by the way.)

Our home phone isn't ringing. Hasn't since at least Wednesday. Possibly even earlier than that.

But, of course, the voicemail was working fine.

So if you've been trying to reach us at home, that's why you haven't heard back.

Call me at my cell number, or email me, if you need to reach me.

SBC claims they'll fix it tomorrow. I'm now very glad I pay for the fix-it plan as part of my phone service.

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Jungleboy Transparent

Yay! (I think) We're reconnected

The service guy came out at 2:45, determined the problem was actually out at the junction box a block away, and now we have a working phone again.

Of course, waiting for the phone guy meant no winetasting today :-(